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September 28, 2021by Nkem Offonabo0

You don’t have to choose how you’re going to die or when. You can only choose how you’re going to live – Joan Baez

Life Coaching is a powerful tool designed to help you move from where you are to where you desire or need to be. The speed and ease with which you can reach your goals and achieve exponential results is accelerated when you work with a coach.

Considering the Twelve (12) dimensions of life, be it career, family, relationships, health, etc., individuals usually fall into one of these five categories:

  1. I don’t know what I want;
  2. I know what I want, but don’t know how to get it;
  3. I know what I want and how to get it, but something keeps holding me back;
  4. I know what I want, how to get it and I’m motivated and on track; and
  5. I know what I want and I’ve already got it.

People who fall within the first three categories will benefit tremendously from the transformational power of life coaching. A fundamental principle behind coaching is that each individual knows best what they want. Friends, irrespective of how well they know you or have your best interests at heart, still see your life from their perspective. Same with parents, mentors, counsellors, etc. They bring to the table their experiences and advise you on what you should do based on that. However, what may be relevant and important to them, may not always be equally so for you.

Truth is, you generally do know what you want or don’t want at some level. It may not be at a conscious level, or at most it may be well hidden but at your very core you do know. An effective life coach is one who is able to help you access your own inner knowledge. In doing so, you are able to gain clarity and discover what you really want in your life, design a plan to achieve it, eliminate every blocks or obstacles that stand in your way and form a partnership all the way to success. The coaching techniques or skills employed to do this vary from person to person and range from asking powerful open-ended questions, active listening, creative visualisation to considering the same subject from a variety of different perspectives.

With the appropriate coaching tools and techniques, and most importantly your motivation and commitment to identified success strategies, life coaching will move you from OBSCURITY to CLARITY, STUCK to UNSTOPABLE and TIRED to THRIVING.

by Nkem Offonabo

I am THE HARMONISER™ - I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs design a blueprint for living a MEANINGFUL, WHOLESOME and PRODUCTIVE life across the critical areas of life to achieve WORK-LIFE HARMONY. A Bestselling Author, Integrative Life Coach and Behavioural Change Therapist, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant. You can read more about me via my website www.nkemoffonabo.com and engage me via email to [email protected]

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