The Courage of an Entrepreneur

December 9, 2021by Nkem Offonabo0

I stumbled on this write-up below from Ivie Temitayo-Ibitoye some days ago, and I can totally relate. 

Starting a business has to be one of the most courageous things to ever do. You have absolutely no idea if that idea would work, but still, you give it your best shot.


So, I decided to muse over my transition to entrepreneurship; the pains and the gains especially in this season of THANKSGIVING.

It is no news that I resigned from my fancy corporate job effective December 31st, 2020 to focus on my passion. I have to admit that indeed it is a courageous thing to do. My father and some significant people in my life haven’t yet figured where the courage came from especially in the current economic climate. My inner circle would also admit to my submission sometimes to the nuisances. Some days, I feel like throwing in the towel, questioning my decision. However, the journey has been exciting and IMPACTFUL.

In about a year, through my corporate brand, The Work-Life Organisation, we have worked with brands such as Access Bank, United Bank for Africa, Union Bank, Oriental Energy Resources Limited to name a few, offering our carefully curated products such as Team Coaching, Training as well as Corporate Wellness Program which has helped over 1,000 employees optimise their performance, productivity and profitability. Ultimately, we have helped over 20 businesses re-define their concept of workplace flexibility, employee wellness and organisational effectiveness.

Personally, I am fulfilled with the global reach and transformation of lives through my book, podcast, one-on-one and group coaching program serving employees across organisations such as Sterling Bank, Citi Bank, Alpha Morgan, Verizon Business, Daystar Power Group, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, KPMG, etc.

I cannot fail to recognise the role that Lanre Olusola (THE CATALYST) has played in my growth and the likes of Kemi Ogunkoya, Osita Ede, Iderimo Akene, Chibueze Ewuzie MSc and many others in connecting me to opportunities.

Like Michael Ogu once said to me; “Nkem, you are a PIVOT”:

  • P – Pioneer
  • I – Inspiration
  • V – Visionary
  • O – Original
  • T – Trailblazer

Yes, I pivoted from the certain world of salary earners into the uncertain world of entrepreneurs and became an employer of labour; a world changer.

I remember Segun Odusanya getting a copy of my book and paying a sum worth over 10copies and said the additional is for being the above.

I am thankful for being COURAGEOUS and that is my THANKSGIVING.

What is yours?

I am The HARMONISER™. My name is Nkem OFFONABO.


by Nkem Offonabo

I am THE HARMONISER™ - I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs design a blueprint for living a MEANINGFUL, WHOLESOME and PRODUCTIVE life across the critical areas of life to achieve WORK-LIFE HARMONY. A Bestselling Author, Integrative Life Coach and Behavioural Change Therapist, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant. You can read more about me via my website and engage me via email to [email protected]

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