The Harmonised Life Academy (THLA) – Cohort 2.

We are taking new entrants to The Harmonised Life Academy (THLA) – Cohort 2.

Growth can be painful but worthwhile

I recently watched a few recorded sessions and burst out with laughter at the participants and their responses during the sessions on Self-Discovery and Achieving Personal HARMONY.

The SOUL-SEARCHING exercise STRETCHED them mentally and psychologically. They seek to discover who they are at their core in perfect ALIGNMENT with their VISION/GOAL, IDENTITY VALUES/BELIEFS, SKILLS, BEHAVIOUR, ENVIRONMENT.

If there’s anything I’d promise you, it is the possibility of activating the journey towards finding CLARITY on your identity and purpose by connecting to your creator, self and humanity. This is a life-long transformational journey but you’d be able to ignite it with clarity when you journey with me through the academy.

This clarity sets the pace for everything else that MATTERS to you across all dimensions of life from personal experience.

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We are taking off on Saturday, 15th May 2021 by 6 pm. Call 08170309544, email for enquiries.


May 12 2021


8:00 am

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