Professional Profile Optimisation

Does your CV/Résumé pass the 10 seconds test before any hiring manager?
Is your LinkedIn profile optimised; does it represent your experience, expertise and achievements to give you the credibility, visibility and opportunity that you deserve?
Get an in-depth review of CV/Résumé, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, etc.
We review and revamp your professional profile so it focuses on your skills, achievements and lands you that dream opportunity.
Optimise and Maximise your Professional Profile so it focuses on your skills and achievements, positioning you as a thought leader and landing you that desired opportunity.

Entry Level:
0-3 years

CV – N10,000
Cover Letter – N10,000
LinkedIn Profile – N50,000
Combo Package – N50,000

3-5 years

CV – N15,000
Cover Letter – N15,000
LinkedIn Profile – N100,000
Combo Package – N100,000

Senior Level:
5-15 years

CV – N20,000
Cover Letter – N20,000
LinkedIn Profile – N150,000
Combo Package – N150,000

Executive Level:
15+ years

CV – N25,000
Cover Letter – N25,000
LinkedIn Profile – N200,000
Combo Package – N200,000

BASIC COURSEStrong start

Envision your ideal life and set goals to create your best year yet! You’ll discard old goals...


Attract what ytou want in life by eliminating the energy drains and adding in new, healthy energy sources.

ADVANCED COURSEClean up your act

If you want to attract new things into your life, you need to free up space for them.

BUSINESS COURSEDo work you love

Finding work you love is satisfying; start making the necessary transitions so that you do what you love to do.

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