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The Harmonised Life

The Harmonised Life is a Personal Leadership and Organisational Transformation book that will help you design your own blueprint for living a meaningful and productive life across the critical areas of life, so that you can achieve all-round success, peace and harmony, irrespective of the challenges life throws at you.

The Harmonised Life Academy

A 12-week intensive coaching and accountability programme for goal-seeking individuals who are burned out and unable to prioritise but wants to be armed with the requisite personal leadership and transformational tools to take control of their lives across the critical areas of life to achieve optimum performance, productivity and profitability.

One-on-One Coaching (Virtual and Physical)

One-on-One Coaching Services to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs gain clarity to achieve identified personal goals, overcome obstacles to personal growth and thrive in any of the critical areas of life.

Professional Profile Optimisation

Does your CV/Résumé pass the 10 seconds test? Get an in-depth review of CV/Résumé, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, etc. We review and revamp your professional profile.

Speaking Engagements

Speaker expert at workshops and seminars on empowering working professionals and entrepreneurs to regain control of their life by reconnecting with their true identity, purpose and passion and leading a meaningful well-balanced life that will enable them contribute effectively to their work, at home, in the community and within self.

Personal Branding

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