Coaching Principles

Happy, Healthy, Whole
Your Healthy Lifestyle

It’s about being in love with life, celebrating your unique talents and living like you mean it. No matter which career path you take, one thing remains constant. You'll have the unique ability to shape your career around your passions, skills and desires.
1. Commit
Commit to health coaching - The support of practice leadership and the care team to health coaching is essential to achieve your goal
2. Build
First, choose the right leader for your health coaching program. The leader may be a nurse, nursing supervisor, nurse practitioner or physician.
3. Recruit
Your current staffing model may support the transition of a current staff member into a health coach role. You may also consider recruiting.
4. Start & track
Introduce your clients to the health coach and explain the goals of the program to them so it is easier to implement.

Discover, Apply, Choose

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