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About The Book

Are you overwhelmed, burned out or confused about what priorities to pursue? Have some critical incidents thrown you out of balance in your career, family, finance, faith, health or love life? Have you lost your productive prowess? Do you seek to find new meaning and reason to enhance your performance, productivity and profitability?

The Harmonised Life helps you to design your own blueprint for living a meaningful and productive life across the critical areas of life, so that you can achieve all-round success, peace and harmony, irrespective of the challenges life throws at you. This book unveils the place of employers and employees in creating a healthy workplace that enables the people and business to thrive. It also simplifies the process of winning in life and work.


Michael Faniran

Business Management Consultant and Oil & Gas Policy Advisor

This book exceeded my expectation. I have read books on personal effectiveness, but this one takes the topic to another level. It treats every aspect of work-life integration, balance and harmony. Other authors would have put similar content in two or three volumes. This book is a must-have for every professional who aspires to achieve high performance and fulfilment in career and personal life. If you are just starting out your career, application of this life-guide will ensure you move ahead of the curve.

Rolayo Akhigbe

Senior Vice President, First City Monument Bank Limited

In 'The Harmonised Life', Nkem documents the steps she takes in her coaching programs/workshops in a manner that is practical and easy to follow. It's a useful guide for professionals seeking to smoothen out uneven connections between their personal and professional goals, thereby bringing harmony to both worlds.

Sola Oyegbade

Head of Training Academy, First City Monument Bank Limited

Reading through the chapter on " The Role Of Organisations " convinces you of the fact that Nkem Offonabo has done in-depth research before putting pen to paper. Taking into consideration the needs, challenges, and total wellness of employees in the workplace by establishing clear policy on work-life balance cannot be overemphasized. Based on her empirical studies on the subject matter, she shares practical feedback on major stress factors employees are experiencing at work and goes on to proffer implementable strategies organisations can adopt to address this growing concern.

This book gives employers a window of opportunity to see the stress issues their employees are facing and to begin to address them in order to have a *great place to work* where the drive for profitability and emotional stability of the workforce are consistently held in balance. Work-life balance is a joint responsibility of both employees and employers.

This is an amazing book with great insights that should be read by everyone who wants to break out from the boring, stereotypical and monotonous work routines to enjoying a wholesome life that is all encompassing and well integrated.

This Book Will Help You Do The Following


Activate a lifetime journey to finding clarity on your identity and purpose by connecting to your creator, self and humanity.


Design a holistic personalised work-life plan with actionable goals or strategies around the things you want in your life.


Tap into the power of your emotional quotient to release you from self-limiting beliefs and create more success in your life.


Effectively overcome procrastination, strategically stay motivated and focused to take inspired action everyday.


Succeed as an organisation together with your core resource (the people) by designing a compelling corporate and people strategy that promotes productivity and a GREAT PLACE TO WORK


Simple yet effective system that will help you execute your work-life plans with consistency, growth and true fulfillment.

Endorsement from other Experts

I personally believe that the secret to consistent personal and professional PRODUCTIVITY, PERFORMANCE and PROFITABILITY is HARMONY. This book is a must-read because it points you in the direction of what really matters - HARMONY IN YOUR LIFE!
Lanre Olusola,
The Catalyst
The Harmonised Life shows you how to lock in all the dimensions of a successful life, in a way that is not seen as a flash in the pan but rather a sustainable way of life and living. You'll find a practical approach to work-life fluidity in this book.
Yemi Faseun
HR Thought Leader
I was checking myself as I read through the pages of this book, particularly regarding empathy and the areas of personal, professional and social branding. The entire book must be a full 3-course meal as there is quite a lot to digest and ruminate on. Well done Nkem!
Stephanie Kadiri
Certified Life Coach
This book makes an interesting read. The brevity with which one chapter flows into another creates a unique means for addressing the wholesomeness of man's tripartite nature. It is a must-read for everyone seeking a meaningful balance in their life.
Kehinde Wole-Olomojobi
Chief Operating Officer, Cypress Leasing and Financial Literacy Consultant.​
I love the fact that Nkem was intentional about publishing a brilliant book (not a random script). This is what we celebrate at BEWA. This book explicitly takes you on a transformational journey through rediscovering yourself, designing your own work-life plan, finding true fulfilment and reinventing yourself for a rewarding life.
Eno Sam
Editor/Book Project Consultant.
This amazing work by Nkem opens our minds to immense possibilities that exist on Work-life Balance. This is a good read. I gladly recommend it to anyone interested in the new world of work.
Gbenga Totoyi
CIPM, Director, Membership and Market Development

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Meet Nkem

Nkem Offonabo is a graduate in Psychology and holds a SEMP (Special Executive Management Programme) MBA from Metropolitan School of Business and Management, United Kingdom.

She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi®) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM) with over 10 years’ work experience that cuts across Human Resource Management, Product and Business Development in the Financial Services Industry.

Nkem is a trained Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Professional. She is the acclaimed Africa’s No.1 Work-Life Balance Coach and Founder of The Work-Life Organisation Global Ltd, a Professional Coaching and Human Resources Management Consultancy. She works with individuals and organisations to provide coaching and training on employee wellness, work-life harmony, personal and organisational effectiveness as well as Human Resource Advisory Services.

Nkem is the convener of Work-Life Conversation, a highly sought-after group coaching community of working professionals and entrepreneurs. She has been featured on The Pink Network – ‘Woman 2 Watch’, She Leads Africa and Plus TV Africa. She was recognised as one of the Top 50 Leading Ladies in Corporate Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa (2020 edition).

Another Beautiful Testimonial

As the world of work continues to evolve, it is changing the way people live and work. There is no better time than now to understand how to live a harmonised life as we are faced with drastic changes at the speed of light. These changes toss a lot at us such as information overload and we struggle most times with the impact it brings which can affect mental & physical health such as depression, lack of focus and attention deficit traits that have the likelihood of impeding the ability to live a fulfilling life and tap into human ingenuity.

To achieve a fulfilled life, you need to focus your attention at the four core dimensions of the human personality – (1) Body – Physically energised; (2) Mind – Mentally focused; (3) Heart – Connections & a sense of belonging; (4) Soul – Having a sense of purpose. An imbalance is caused when there is a gap in any of these four dimensions. The Harmonised Life is a book that bridges this imbalance. It is a beautiful, simple to read, innovative and transformational guide that addresses all four core dimensions as it helps you take action intentionally to invigorate your body, mind, heart and soul through small yet impactful lifestyle adjustments as you journey into a transformed life. It is a must-read for everyone who wants to live a transformed, fulfilled and harmonised life.

Coach Lara Yeku
Transformational Coach, Author – My HR Storybook