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August 11, 2021by Nkem Offonabo0

What’s the fuss about Personal Branding anyway?

Prior to 2018, I was actively on social media, blogging. I started out with an Interior Design business known as HomeWorth Interiors talking about my passion for creative design of spaces and the different ways one can make the world more beautiful, one room at a time. Soon, I started gaining followership from across the world including bloggers in different niches. With their influences, I felt I needed to expand my area of focus to keep my audience engaged and glued to my blog, so I created Crown Musings blog.

With Crown Musings, I ventured into lifestyle blogging; inspiration, fashion, travel, health etc with different people writing for my blog in their area of speciality. Deep down, I knew something was amiss. I was only keeping up with the Joneses and so I struggled with aligning my objectives alongside the interior design business and the focus of the new blog but one thing was clear – I wanted to help people become the best versions of themselves.

Shockingly, my interest in the interior business began to wane with challenges here and there; the artisans, the customers, etc (if you are in this space, I’m sure you’d reckon). Rather, I began attracting a certain kind of people – people who were on the same journey with me, who are trying to juggle the demands of work and life to achieve wholesomeness and personal excellence. My articles on the different ways I try to achieve Work-Life Harmony, Time-Management and Productivity in my personal life gained more viewership and had the highest level of engagement.

I remember sending out a survey across to my audience, asking this question – What is your number ONE struggle in achieving Work-Life Balance? The responses I received clearly revealed exactly what I’m focused on today. People struggling with Burnout, Inability to Prioritise, Procrastination, Drained or Waned Motivation, Lack of Focus, Depleted Energy, Lack of Rest or Recreation, Financial crisis, Turbulent Relationship, etc which affects their Performance, Productivity and Profitability across their work, home and personal lives.

By the time I measured these feedback against my ultimate purpose as a person, I could clearly see an alignment. And there lies my WHY – My Purpose Statement:

‘To Energise and Empower People to live MEANINGFUL, WHOLESOME, and PRODUCTIVE lives and ultimately bring them close to the Father’s Heart‘.

You want your voice heard right?

Find an alignment between the global problem(s) that you want to solve and your ultimate purpose as an individual and create a defining solution(s) or value.

Building a personal brand means providing so much value in one (or multiple) niche(s) that people begin to associate your name with the idea of what it means to be successful in that industry. You become a thought leader and an influencer.

Today, I am excited to have helped over 1000 busy professionals through published articles, personal coaching, training and workshops to achieve true success, peace of mind and harmony in their personal and professional lives. I have gotten speaking engagements and collaboration with local and global brands like She Leads Africa by the client just googling Work-Life Balance and my name appeared. The recent recognition as one of the top 50 Leading Ladies in Corporate Nigeria came as a result of my work at The Work-Life Organisation Global Ltd to mention but a few.

So, let me ask you again, WHY do you want your voice to be heard?

by Nkem Offonabo

I am THE HARMONISER™ - I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs design a blueprint for living a MEANINGFUL, WHOLESOME and PRODUCTIVE life across the critical areas of life to achieve WORK-LIFE HARMONY. A Bestselling Author, Integrative Life Coach and Behavioural Change Therapist, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant. You can read more about me via my website and engage me via email to [email protected]

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