The Harmonised Life

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The Harmonised Life is a personal leadership and organisational transformation book written for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are burned out and unable to prioritise but wants to take charge of their personal and professional realities to achieve optimum productivity and fulfilment in life and work.

Owning, reading and implementing the strategies in this book will help you design your own blueprint for living a meaningful and productive life across the critical areas of life, so that you can achieve true prosperity, peace of mind and harmony, irrespective of the challenges life throws at you.

With extensive research on employees across several industries and with intent to discover what makes for an intrinsically and extrinsically enabling workplace, this book is also written with the employer in mind. Implementing the strategies as captured in chapter 6, The Role of Organizations will help (M)SMEs, Corporates, Institutions, etc. create a more healthy workplace where people and business thrive.

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4 reviews for The Harmonised Life

  1. Ifeola Ibiyeye

    My thinking about life changed, when I had a session with Nkem. Keep doing what you do and make us proud.

  2. Naomi Bominuru (verified owner)

    ‘The Harmonised Life’ was worth the read, it is so valuable! It’s the perfect read to start the year with. I entered this year with some confusion on what to prioritise and what goals to set. I’m slowly working my way to clarity with the help of your book.

    Also, my mom was having a conversation with me about employee engagement and she just randomly picked up the book and the first page she opened was about what she was wondering to me about. She screamed and was like, She has to get this book! Lol, so I will work towards getting her a copy.

    I’m saying all of this to say – You know a book is a great book when anyone picks it up and can relate; find value on the first few pages they read.

    Thank you for being such a valuable person.

  3. Michael Ogu

    The book, The Harmonised Life is not just a book but a masterpiece that evokes a hunger and desire for harmony, symphony and synergy in one’s life.

    Written from a practical perspective, the author infuses her human resources and coaching backgrounds to distill uncommon concepts in the book.

    From designing an ideal work life vision to promoting self-care as a topmost priority, the author emphasizes the need to be intentional and deliberate if one will have a high quality of life.

    This book is a classical work and I believe it is a best seller.

    Thank you Nkem for writing this inspiring and illuminating book.

    Michael Ogu
    Global President and Board Chair, Association of Elite Human Resource Professionals (AEHRP)
    Author, Managing Your Talent for Value and Visibility

  4. Charles Bassey, PhD

    As a business psychologist within the financial system, I ordered copies of Nkem’s “The Harmonised Life” for myself and a few colleagues, after attending the virtual book launch. My initial interest in the book was borne by the fact that I was doing a dissertation then on “Work-Life Integration among corporate security managers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” and was interested in seeing how the book could enrich my perspective at a practical level. I was not disappointed.

    In studying “The Harmonised Life,” (I have used the word ‘studying’ deliberately), what immediately comes off the process is that Nkem presents a book that is grounded in research in a manner that is both teachable and relatable. The book is a practical guide that can very easily be considered a self-help book. But that is not where the real value of the book lies. The priceless worth of the book lies in its openness and how it challenges you to question your current realities and sub-optimal performance while opening the doorway for you to seek greater clarification for yourself in various aspects of life – spiritual, financial, social, occupational, etc and design workable interventions.

    As a book of vision, Nkem practically holds your hand in “The Harmonised Life” through a visioneering process, and this makes reading and applying the book an interesting venture, with human stories that reinforce the workability of the strategies presented. It has helped me to deepen my professional engagements and also challenged me to specifically identify areas of personal growth. The book can help you to gain clarity about your life and career, reduce burnout, enhance your wellbeing and add a healthy smile to your life, if you embrace its contents and apply them.

    Don’t be tempted by the ease of reading the book at a go to do just that and be done. Take it as a reference material, meditatively read it and apply it. That is how I believe the book was written to be read.

    Thank you Nkem, for the gift of the book and the vision you share therein.

    Charles Bassey, PhD
    Regional Vice President, ASIS International Region 11A (West and Central Africa)

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